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Episode 21: NAEMSP 2020, Part 1

Did y’all make it to NAEMSP 2020 in San Diego? If not, I’m sorry. It was awesome! If you did, you probably had a great time but still missed a lot. There’s just too much going on. Being the research nerds we are, we focused our time on the oral and poster presentations. We interviewed as many investigators as we could. In fact, we recorded more audio than we could fit into one episode. So… we’re cutting them into smaller chunks and will get them out faster than our normal q2 weeks release schedule. Join us as we sit down (or stand up as the case may be) for some great interviews from NAEMSP. As always, we want to hear your feedback. Let us know what you think: @MikeVerkest, @DrJeffJarvis, and @EMSLightouse. Subscribe and give us a great rating on Apple Podcast. 




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