Podcast 105: Logistics of a pediatric arrest w/ Austin Quillet

FOAMfrat educator @QuilletAustin did a fantastic job on a talk discussing best practices and EBM when it comes to pediatric arrest. I cornered him after the talk to unpack some of the points that stood out to me. I think you all will enjoy the discussion.


Over the years, OHCA in the pediatric population has not much improved like the Adult. Why is this? What are we doing wrong? Well, there is emerging evidence that may change your practice. References are hyperlinked below.

Time on Scene (sweet spot around 25 minutes)


Early Epi 


Now check out the podcast!


Check out “Solving the Pediatric Labyrinth” in the F3 content of the FOAMfrat refresher to better grasp these concepts and more pearls to change outcomes!


Podcast 104 - Are they resuscitated enough for intubation?

Time is of the essence, right? We do not have time for vitals to improve before we take the airway. Rapid sequence induction has placed an internal clock in the minds of providers.
Waiting for blood pressure to improve or an SPO2 to improve before intubating can seem painfully long. Paramedics are given the legal approval to sedate, paralyze, and take over somebody's ability to breathe. This responsibility goes beyond memorizing dosages, placing a piece of plastic in the trachea, or remembering to sedate your post intubation sedation and analgesia. 


Resuscitate Before You Intubate?

We commonly hear the phrase "resuscitate before you intubate." My question is - how do you know when your patient is resuscitated enough to follow through with intubation?

Last weekend I gave a talk at EMSWorld called "The Sound of Silence." At the end of the talk Sam and I had a discussion on how do you know when a patient is resuscitated enough to allow intubation. In true Tyler fashion, I misread how long my talk was suppose to be and had to cut out the ending. This is the discussion portion of that talk and I think you will especially enjoy the ending.

The discussion was recorded on Zoom, so I apologize if the sound quality is not up to FOAMfrat regulatons.

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